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Into The Fray (Anniversary Edition) - CD + Cassette Bundle

Into The Fray (Anniversary Edition) - CD + Cassette Bundle

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"Into the Fray (Anniversary Edition)" by Tyler Meacham on vinyl-textured compact disc + limited edition bonus tracks cassette featuring 6 previously unreleased tracks. Includes access to digital downloads & hidden bonus content.

Track Listing:

1. Intro/Way Back Home

2. No Running Away

3. Hardly Feels Like Home

4. Better Than I Used To Be

5. As If What She Says

6. You Mean Self

7. Waiting Place

8. Someone Who Loves Me

9. Praying In The Rain

10. Unknowing

Bonus Tracks:

11. Moving On (Alternate Version)

12. You Know Nothing About Me (Live at Minimum Wage)

13. Waiting Place - Take 2

14. Unknowing (Acoustic)

15. Nightwalking (Alternate Version)

16. Say Yes (2023 Mix)

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